How To Convert Music Videos To MP3 For Personal Use

YTMP3 – How to Convert Music Videos to MP3 for Personal Use? We believe you have asked this question at least once during your long journey of using YouTube to enjoy your favorite songs. Therefore, we will help you to learn how to get the MP3 for enhancing your music listening experience.

Benefits of Converting Music Videos to MP3

Why do people convert YouTube music videos to MP3? Let’s find the reasons and advantages you will get from this practice.

  • Offline Play

You can play the song offline. No more worries about internet connection problems. Can’t access the Wi-Fi signal? You can still listen to the song with MP3 files you downloaded.

  • Background Play

You can’t watch YouTube music videos while using other apps. You might use the split screen feature, but that is not satisfying. The MP3 files allow you to play music in the background while doing other things on your phone.

  • Create a Playlist

You can create any type of playlist easier with MP3 files saved on your device. It is difficult to do it with the official YouTube app. Therefore, converting the music video to MP3 is the best choice here.

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Choosing the Converter

The essential step on How to Convert Music Videos to MP3 for Personal Use guide is choosing the converter. As for this one, you will find many of them on the internet. However, to get the best one, you should consider these few things:

  • Free service – use the free service rather than the paid one. It is budget-wise because the paid one has similar features and performance like free service.
  • No registration – choose only converter without registration. It is for your data safety.
  • Various download options – find the converter that can give you different MP3 qualities.
  • Easy-to-use interface – you need a converter that you can use easily, so you don’t need to go through a complicated download process.

Based on those three factors, you can find the best YouTube to MP3 converter. One of the best examples is ytmp3. YTMP3 has free service, no need for registration; many download options, and a user-friendly interface. If you want to use it, you can go to

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How to Use YouTube Video to MP3 Converter

Here are simple steps to convert a music video to MP3:

  • Open YouTube,
  • Copy the music video URL,
  • Open the YouTube to MP3 converter website,
  • Paste the video URL on the converter download bar,
  • Click convert,
  • Wait for the conversion process,
  • Click download,
  • Choose the MP3 quality and location where you want to save it,
  • Wait for the download process,
  • Get the MP3 files.

Things to Remember

Before you convert any music videos to MP3, you should remember that it might break the copyright law. You might use it for personal use. Learn more about the risk in our article. What Are the Risks of Using YouTube to MP3 Converters?


Those are How to Convert Music Videos to MP3 for Personal Use. We hope this article helps you to get MP3 files from your favorite music video. Get the best music-listening experience!