How To Convert YouTube Videos To MP3 For Motivational Speeches

YTMP3 – How to convert YouTube videos to MP3 for Motivational Speeches? Something from YouTube to convert into MP3 is not only music. You can also do that action to other videos including Motivational Speeches and even podcasts. Of course, it seems more enjoyable to listen to such a thing while doing anything else. It just saves more energy and time.

The problem is, mostly, a video for a motivational speech is longer than a music video. It may take an hour, two, or even more. So, is it possible to convert this kind of video? How to find a YouTube to MP3 converter that doesn’t time out on long videos?

Well, YTMP3 is one of the online converters that allows you to convert long videos from YouTube to MP3. Even the steps are easy, not so much different from converting other shorter videos. So, how is it?

Find Your Favorite Motivational Speech Video

First of all, find your favorite Motivational speech video on YouTube. Everyone must have known how it is. Just open the YouTube app on a smartphone or other device. Next, go to the search bar and type the keyword of the video you are looking for, it can be the title or the motivator’s name. Tap the Search symbol.

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It is so good if you have listened to or signed the video. It commonly simply appears on the homepage of your YouTube without you having to search for them. After finding the video, tap to open it.

Copy the URL

When the video has been playing, some options are appearing under it. Tap Share to bring out other options. Then, choose Copy Link. After tapping it, automatically, the URL of the video is copied and ready to be pasted.

Move to YTMP3

YTMP3 is a famous YouTube to MP3 converter. It seems you should not make too much effort just to find it. You can either open its official website or download the app. No matter what type of YTMP3 you choose, none of them is worse as they can work properly. It is just up to your willingness whether you want to use a web-based platform or an app attached to your device.

Next, open the platform and go to the homepage. How to Convert YouTube videos to MP3 for motivational Speeches? Paste the link you have copied before to the bar available. Then, tap the Convert button next to that bar. Automatically, the converter converts the video on YouTube into MP3.

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The conversion process may take longer compared to other conventional videos. It is reasonable since the video itself is longer in terms of duration. Yes, a motivational speech is commonly around 1 hour or even more. But that’s okay since YTMP3 still makes it much shorter for you. You only need to take only around 10 minutes until you finish the conversion process.

Download the MP3 File

When the converting process is done, you can download the MP3 file. The Download button is automatically on the homepage of YTMP3 just after the platform finishes converting the file. Since the motivational speech video’s duration is quite long, you may spend a longer time also to finish it. But don’t worry, for an hour MP3 file, for example, it takes only around 5 to 10 minutes.

Of course, many factors influence whether the downloading process is long or short. One of them is your internet connection. The downloaded file is saved on your local disk. You can copy it to any other devices to make sure you listen to the motivational speech comfortably.

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Why Should You Use YTMP3?

Okay, you have to know some steps of using this converter. Now, why is YTMP3 highly recommended for you who want to download a long video? As has been mentioned above, the conversion process using YTMP3 is relatively short. The same thing is about downloading the MP3 file.

Besides, the process of conversion and downloading is also very easy. You can just copy the link and paste it to the place that has been provided. Tap some buttons and it is done. Even if you have not read the steps before, you must know how to use them. Sure, it is because YTMP3 makes it as simple as possible.

The final result is also good in quality. If the video on YouTube you want to convert has a good sound quality, YTMP3 doesn’t change UT at all. You can still enjoy the crystal-clear sound when it has been in the MP3 format. Listening to motivational speech is getting more interesting this way.

So, are you interested in downloading a motivational speech video from YouTube? How to convert YouTube videos to MP3 for motivational Speeches? You can use YTMP3 anyway.